Hi there! We provide services for platforms: Shopify, WordPress, and BigCartel.
Take a look at our packages below. You can also create your own package, just email us!

Beauty & bright glittery designs seem to be our forte based on the demand right now – but don’t let that scare you away! We can take care of all industries!

Below are our most popular website packages and pricing.

Below are our current package for Informational Websites (Non eCommerce)


In what format will I receive my logo(s)?

Once the logo is complete and you’re satisfied, You are only emailed the Watermarking File (.png), (.jpg) (.pdf), and .EPS and/or Flattened PSD format, this is for when you want to change the color, etc for future projects if needed. (.ai File Format is not available.)

How long does it take?

The time frame to complete yourproject will vary depending upon the details of the job. We’ll arrive at a mutually agreeable time frame before work begins.

Graphic Design Projects completion time varies from anywhere from 1-2 weeks up to 21 business days (we say this because of our high demanding sales we advertise)

Web Design Projects completion time varies from 2-16 weeks. We state such a long range due to the client may place the project on hold for their own personal reasons.

However, when a complete date is given a live link is sent. If you are to have server issues prevent us from transferring files to your server or delay in information where we cannot produce your website in time advertised, we are not responsible from the completion time being delayed. In addition, The Revision Stage is NOT included in the completion time. Revision Stage can be from anywhere from 1 business day up to a month.

Can I talk to someone over the phone?

At this time, Email is our primary method of contact.

All correspondence is done via email, that is to protect You, “The client” and Me, as “The Designer” from hearsay. It is done so to keep a paper trail for records to avoid miscommunication and that can be used for clarification, if needed.

Do you offer hosting?

We highly recommend using GoDaddy as a hosting provider. However, we offer 1 year hosting and domain/email registration in a few of our packages. We can register your domain name, design your website and provide your web hosting and arrange your email accounts for you.

After one year, you are notified to pay an annual fee to renew on our accounts/server or have the option of transferring your website to your own GoDaddy/Hosting Provider Choice account.

How do you accept payment?

We accept payment in the form of cash (if local), PayPal and Square (via invoice).

Do I own my artwork?

By default all creative works produced by Créme Media Company remain the copyright of Créme Media Company unless contractually agreed otherwise. This allow us to protect our works from unauthorized modification, plagiarism or use that is beyond the original project.

Copyright for all work carried out by Créme Media Company transfers to the client as soon as the balance has been settled in full. We do, however, reserve the right to use any work for promotional purposes.

Will I be able to maintain my website?

We automatically prepare your login credentials, email account login (if included in package) and training tutorials to get familiar with your website.

We want you to have total control of your site, so once your website is complete, you may make ongoing changes and updates yourself through the WordPress/Shopify content management system.

Alternatively, you can hire us to manage your site and make changes and updates, but there is no ongoing commitment to use our services.

What are revisions?

You receive a numerical limit of revisions (‘changes’) in every package. Once all the revisions are exhausted, a fee will occur for any additional revisions after. Once you have submitted all your revisions in your package and your project is emailed, or made live, the remaining revisions in which you did not use EXPIRE immediately. Once the website is made completely live, any information that was requested in the essential email that was not sent over will count as a revision to be added to the website and/or project.